| 19 Jul 2024
Big FM goes live with RJ Arpan paying a tribute to the Indian army

MUMBAI: With an aim to pay their respects to the valiant soldiers of the Indian Army posted at Nathula Pass, BIG FM, one of India’s largest radio networks shot a one-of-a-kind live show at the iconic mountain range with RJ Arpan. Following the radio station’s ethos of providing entertainment with a purpose, RJ Arpan from Agartala station took this initiative to showcase the harsh weather conditions and experience the life of army personnel positioned in such a life-risking terrain.

With this act, RJ Arpan is the first ever Radio Jockey from the North East who fought against all odds to play his show and capture it on video for the listeners of Agartala.

RJ Arpan posted his first video log at the freezing temperature of minus one degree Celsius at an altitude of 12,300 feet above sea level. His 2nd video shot at the Nathula Pass with the temperature as low as -3 degrees Celsius. RJ Arpan went live on air from 14,140 ft above sea level with only 10% oxygen levels. He spoke at length about the place and the sub-zero temperature while thanking the Indian Army for supporting him. This live video paid tribute to the bravery, dedication, fighting spirit and love of Indian Army for their country.

On completion of such a heroic task, a spokesperson from BIG FM said, “We are very proud of what RJ Arpan and the radio station at Agartala have accomplished. As a brand, with a philosophy of Dhun Badalke toh Dekho, we aim to provide entertainment with a purpose and aim to churn out-of-the-box initiatives each time. There is very less we can offer to these brave hearts guarding the country at such adverse conditions and altitudes. This was an attempt to show everyone what hardships these unsung heroes of our country go through every single day. We laud their efforts and salute them for their selfless dedication towards the nation and its people.”

When asked about his achievement, RJ Arpan said, “I want to thank the Indian Army for extending their support throughout. Through this video, our main aim was to showcase the hardship and struggles of the Indian Army who are constantly fighting under such climatic conditions. It was difficult, but exhilarating at the same time. I also want to thank my entire team at BIG FM for their constant motivation. It was a thrilling day that made me experience the life of an Army personnel positioned at such a life-risking terrain. This is an experience of a lifetime that I will remember and cherish.”