| 01 Jul 2022
104.8 Ishq: Vishal Dadlani mesmerised by Faridkot's track

MUMBAI: What you may consider to not be your best work could actually turn out to be the best thing ever for someone else. On the latest episode of Ishq Jam with RJ Sarthak on 104.8 Ishq, popular Delhi band, Faridkot’s duo IP Singh and Rajarshi Sanyal went down memory lane to recollect one such interesting anecdote with acclaimed music director Vishal Dadlani. According to the pair, Laila was apparently, their weakest track, but as luck would have it, the song managed to strike the right chord, leaving the composer absolutely mesmerized by the track.

On the upcoming Thursday special episode of Ishq Jam with RJ Sarthak, IP and Rajarshi spoke about their foray into the music reality show territory with Launchpad, where they chose to play, what they thought was their weakest song, in the first round, while keeping the better ones for further rounds. But, they didn't know that Vishal Dadlani, who was one of the judges on the show, will be overwhelmed with the melodious tune and the notes of Laila.

Adding to it, RJ Sarthak added, "If I remember correctly, after listening to Laila, Vishal could not stay in his seat, nor stop talking about it!"

Sarthak further revealed how Vishal Dadlani had responded after listening to Laila, "This song has got stuck into my brain, now I can't listen to anything else,’ Vishal had said. To this, IP answered, ‘Yes, he was really kind and he really liked the song.’"

Catch Faridkot on Ishq Jam with RJ Sarthak tomorrow on 104.8 Ishq’s YouTube channel.

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