| 19 Jul 2024
Big FM's first of its kind record

MUMBAI: In yet another bizarre feat, BIG FM has entered the Asia Book of Records for successfully going ‘Live from Sky with RJ Jyonita’, connected by Vodafone. The remarkable achievement saw the radio jock hosting a live show, while paragliding in the sky.

This is for the first time any RJ has performed a one hour live show from approximately 2,000 feet above the ground / 3,500 ft above sea level in the Asian radio industry. Following the new brand positioning, 'Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho', the objective of this campaign was to change the perspective towards live shows by giving a whole new angle to it. It was a moment of delight for those watching via social media.

Commenting on the campaign, BIG FM spokesperson said, “As a radio network, we always strive to entertain listeners in the most innovative ways. The campaign was one such step towards this goal. We always encourage our RJs to think out of the box and come up with exotic ways to connect and engage with the listeners. The whole network, along with partner Vodafone, was excited about the event, which further acted as a stepping stone for bringing a change in the outlook towards radio shows as well as the medium.”

Speaking on this unique achievement, RJ Jyonita said, “I was excited to do this, as no one has ever done this before. I try to do different things and approached my team with this idea, who liked it instantly and immediately approved it. I am really grateful for the love and support, I have received from my fans. It has further motivated me to go for such opportunities. I was eagerly looking forward to this and set a record, which is first of its kind.” 

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Speaking on the title of the record -first RJ live show hosted from the sky, Asia Book of Records said, “Radio jockeying is mostly done in closed studios with access to various tools to help connect with listeners. We have registered various RJ Marathon records, but this unique concept of RJ Live show from the sky was quite appealing. The claimant RJ Jyonita along with the BIG FM team were given detailed guidelines for the attempt and the minimum criterion laid was – ‘RJ live show to be hosted at approx 1000 feet above the sea level for around one-hour duration that too successfully and smoothly without any technical breaks or interruptions’. Impressively, RJ Jyonita and the BIG FM team were able to set the record following all the major guidelines, and the record is now successfully registered under the category ‘Industry and Business’ in the Asia Book of Records.”

Commenting on this first-of-its-kind record in Vodafone Idea Ltd. Asia, Maharashtra and Goa Business Head Rajendra Chourasia said, “When BIG FM told us that we are the only network they could connect on-air in the sky, we were happy to come on-board for this. As the leading mobile operator in Maharashtra and Goa, we connect over 42 million people and provide a platform to share their stories. We are happy to associate with BIG FM, with whom we share the same ethos of keeping the customer at the core. I am certain this will further prove to be a reassurance of the seamless connectivity of our network.”

The afternoon RJ at BIG FM Pune, RJ Jyonita possesses a cool attitude and believes in pursuing things with great passion. The RJ attempted the record on 20 May at Kamshet, near Pavana Lake, Pune. She talked about her experience and BIG FM Pune’s second anniversary, followed by an engaging interaction with the listeners live from the sky. The RJ was connected to studio Telcos system via a call through the uninterrupted Vodafone network, which went live in real time. 

Asia Book of Records’ is a collection of records made by Asian countries spanning from Dubai to Japan, covering the great Indus Valley and Russia. It is supported by and associated with India Book of Records, Vietnam Book of Records, Nepal Book of Records, Indo-China Book of Records, Singapore Book of Records, Malaysia Book of Records, Asian Record Union, and many others.Today ‘Asia Book of Records’ has a strong database of 40,000 entries.