| 30 Jan 2023
RED FM stands up for the so-called 'Bad Moms'

MUMBAI: On the occasion of Mother’s Day, RED FM, went up a notch and decided to stand up for all the so-called ‘Bad Moms’. Bad Moms are all the mothers who supported their kids’ decisions and stood up for them, while going against the society.

As part of their campaign, RED FM interacted with these mothers on-air throughout the week to understand their psyche and what kept them going all these years.

Be it helping their child file a divorce or help their children in coming out of a toxic relationship despite heavy family pressure, these mothers have time and again encouraged their children to listen to their hearts.

RED FM saluted every bad mom who stood up for the career choices their kids believed in, even when the entire community was against it. Putting their children above the society and believing in their dreams, even resulted in a boycott by the society.

Watch here:

RJ Raunac

Veena Ji, mother of Sahrif who is from LGBTQ community accepted her son as it is depsite all the pressure from society, she is indeed a Bad Mom.

Well, like RED FM, we at Radioandmusic also salute the spirit of all these so-called Bad Moms.