| 14 Jul 2024
RED FM campaign helps Dalelpur villagers to vote

MUMBAI: With voting campaigns speeding up and a very few days left for the actual voting day, popular radio station, 93.5 RED FM is no way behind when it comes to creating awareness around voting. And through it’s national campaign, Ab Watan Dabayega Button, the radio station has been successful in reaching the village of Dalelpur, whose residents had boycotted the General Election, 2019. RED FM’s clan convinced the people there to cast their vote, which indeed is a noteworthy achievement by the radio station that has a nationwide following.

RED FM’s Morning No.1 host RJ Raunac, who is also the Youth Ambassador of Delhi, appointed by Election Commission of India, decided to help the villagers to be a part of the election by understanding the root cause of the problem.  RED FM has arranged for transportation for the villagers on the day of the election.

Spreading awareness on voting, RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan said, “At RED FM, we want every individual to take equal responsibility to be able to choose their leaders of tomorrow. We have partnered with the Election Commission of India to increase and encourage people to enroll themselves for the elections. RED FM has always stood up to bring a positive change in the society through its campaigns. This initiative endeavored to extend a helping hand to the people of Dalelpur and encouraged them to take part in the General Elections 2019.”

Gautam Buddh Nagar D.M. B. N. Singh also said, “I thank RED FM and RJ Raunac for bringing up the issue and appreciate how RED FM played a vital role in the voter awareness campaign by encouraging Dalelpur villagers to begin voting. It was truly a remarkable job empowered with a positive and change-making thought for the nation.”

It was local resident, Aastha’s story that garnered nationwide support. A national level award winner in power-lifting, Aastha had lost hope when it comes to the basic amenities of her village Dalelpur. Listening to her story on RED FM, supporters from all over the country joined hands to help her. Mukesh, Mr. India 2012 from Dronacharaya Institute volunteered to offer a year-long free training to Aastha and Mr. Rahul Verma from Uday Foundation offered to bear one year of food and accommodation expenses to her.

While the nation is observing massive political campaigns, RED FM has tied up with the Election Commission of India for this national initiative, thus aiming for a milestone voter turnout. The initiative will specially focus on educating and resolving queries of youngsters who feel voting doesn't make a difference. The objective is to keep in mind the first-time voters - people who have just turned 18 or people who haven't voted despite crossing 18 because they think voting doesn't make a difference. RED FM will speak out loud about the fact that every vote counts in building a better and brighter future for India.