| 31 Mar 2023
RJs are trust ambassadors of their community: Asheesh Chatterjee, BIG FM
MUMBAI: BIG FM Chief Financial Officer and Chief Business Officer Asheesh Chatterjee, who has always, spoken about radio as a promising free-to-air medium says, “RJs are trust ambassadors of their community.”
Well, it was during an exclusive telephonic with Radioandmusic on the occasion of the ongoing election campaigns, when Chatterjee spoke about radio’s contribution during this phase and why people look up to it as a reliable medium than TV and radio.
Asheesh Chatterjee says, “Political parties as well as audiences are inclined to listen to the discourse that happens on radio whether it is advertisement led or editorial led. Radio stations also pick up a lot of innovative programming around this space whether it is talking to the leaders/influencers in the community, or the common man - understanding their concerns, agendas, manifestos and expectation. So, it becomes a vibrant medium from the content perspective, which attracts audiences. Unlike heated debates, this is a far more smoother, softer and informative to the ear.”
Chatterjee’s statement has a point as radio jockeys have a social connect with common people and have fans, who dedicatedly follow them as well as their advice. Hence, this proves helpful not only during the election phase but also for spreading social awareness.
“When you have political elections in various phases, they do a very high rotation burst for those two-three weeks, leading up to the poll dates in those specific stations. It is a 18 hour five-six rotation and 45 second type of advertising, which largely strives to bring home message for the larger masses, which the political party wants to give. For example - why they should be voted back into power,” Chatterjee, who recently was imparted with additional designation of BIG FM CBO reveals.