| 06 Oct 2022
BIG FM show: Bhumi says education on 'bullying' must!

MUMBAI: BIG FM’s show, Dhun Badal ke Toh Dekho with Vidya Balan is garnering acclaim for its content surrounding social awakening. And the latest episode had Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar had a chat with Vidya on bullying and the importance of parents to educate their kids on this issue, persisting in the society.

On being questioned about if she was ever bullied as well her thoughts on it, she quickly responded, “I have most definitely faced it when I was growing up. Bullying was a large part of our educational system, especially when I was in school as nobody recognized the repercussion that follows the act. In fact, I lost a friend in school because she was thoroughly bullied. That’s when it came as a big shock to all of us on what the repercussions of making fun of someone can be. Personally, there were a few girls who used to pick on me. I used to feel bad and discuss things back at home for which my parents always said that your beauty lies in what you feel for yourself. The tremendous support provided by my parents never let these bullies affect me mentally. I really condemn bullying. Parents should educate their kids about bullying so that they don’t end up being offenders, which usually happens in most of the cases. Bullying in itself is a vicious cycle which needs to be broken.”

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