| 30 Nov 2023
Radio needs to change the way it sells: Nisha Narayanan, RED FM COO

MUMBAI: RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan is known for her brave strategies and opinions when it comes to radio and the much needed change, world’s third largest medium requires. The lady recently shared a video, of hers, on her Twitter handle, where she is seen speaking on how radio has a bright year 2019.

Speaking about the same, Nisha said, “This year, I see an aggressive growth (double digit) as far as radio industry is concerned specially with elections, IPL and the cricket world cup etc. The growth is largely coming from tier-2 and tier-3 towns as well as from the new markets, where we have been. So, that’s where the real growth is coming from which is outside the key markets (key metros).”

She also spoke about the changes, radio needs to go through. She mentioned, “Somewhere radio needs to change the way it sells and we cannot sell only as an FCT medium. Probably, radio plus digital is a very potent combination, which should be considered. I think it has a more direct-to-customer approach and if we can find ways and mechanism as to how we can approach the customer directly through radio in spite of lack of measurement systems etc, there is a certain step towards a better growth in the industry than compared to the last few years.”

Nisha Narayanan had a point to make as she highlighted the scope of growth this year for radio, while also emphasizing on the radio-digital combo, which might turn tables for the radio industry.