| 22 Mar 2023
'Jail Radio' concept starts at Chanchalguda Central prison in Hyderabad
MUMBAI:  Prisoners at Chanchalguda Central prison in Hyderabad would get a chance to host and programme shows with their new radio show at Chanchalguda Central Prison at Hyderabad. Yes, you heard it right, this initiative has been undertaken as per the rehabilitation purposes of the prisoners.
As a part of rehabilitation, Telangana jails initiate several activities like yoga and many more. Earlier, yesterday Central jail had introduced a Jail radio in 2014 and now the concept was being picked up by Chanchalguda Central Jail.
Telangana DGP  VK Singh told an esteemed portal, "The radio was introduced for the purpose of entertainment and you teach moral science lessons."
Currently, the jail radio is running on a trial basis at the central jail to which authorities would further think about expanding it to other district jails provides this succeeds. The frequency would not go beyond the jail premises, while the jail radio can also be used for skill development. 
While the jail radio is under experimental procedures and this has been undertaken first at Cherlapally Central Jail. Well, this initiative sounds absolutely interesting, and we are quite keen to know what Chanchalguda Central jail would be planning further on the same.