| 03 Mar 2024
You must really get into the shoes of the person to become a good storyteller, says RJ Jassi BIG FM

MUMBAI: BIG FM Delhi’s RJ Jassi is a known face in the radio circuit. Known for her exceptional storytelling capabilities, Jassi, who was one of the panellists at The Radio Festival, last month, has shared five qualities, a radio jockey must have to become a good storyteller! In an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, the lady shared her perks of advice.

Revealing the same, RJ Jassi said, “Firstly, you should listen and read a lot of stories, if you want to become a good storyteller. Secondly, you must go out, roam around, create more experiences because stories are formed from experiences and not while sitting in a studio. Become a person, who experiences life.”

“Practice your stories as you must know how you would deliver it. Don’t just take the mike and start speaking. Besides, you must do a lot of proof-reading after writing to see if the story can be small and what is the extra part in it,” she added.

Her last tip is quite noteworthy. “You must really get into the shoes of the person, whose story, you are narrating,” she concluded.

Well, BIG FM’s RJ Jassi indeed gave valuable advice for all those storytellers out there to brush up their skills.