| 21 May 2024
Don't respect your soldiers just for a day: RJ Simran

MUMBAI: BIG FM’s RJ Simran is well versed with the fact that how the country comes first before family for Indian soldiers and she has spoken about this in her show and urged her fans and listeners to respect Indian soldiers every day.

RJ Simran has spoken across platforms that how Indian soldiers should be respected not only for a day but every day. Being a daughter and a wife of Army men, she is very versed with the fact that how the country comes first before family for Indian Soldiers.

“Being an army man’s wife, the only thing I would say that people should calm down and not hype, that is the biggest thing we can do and also if you are related to any army person then in any way then you are requested to think and keep confidential even if you know the smallest detail about them, instead of passing on these fake WhatsApp messages and creating panic and havoc amongst people. My only suggestion and request is please stop creating panic,” advised RJ Simran to all her listeners.

She further adds, “Only thing my listeners should do is salute and respect the army people and top of that respect the families of these people.”

Being an army man’s wife, RJ Simran shares, what she is going through, “My husband is not being able to see my fourteen months old son every day, so we video chat. That’s what we face on a daily basis. Apart from that, we are not able to plan our future, the way we want to. The separation feeling is always there. As a daughter, my father used to go for patrolling and I used to ask my mother, but somewhere I feel like an army kid. I became confident and I truly feel what I am today is because of my ‘army background’ and because of the exposure, I got by traveling to different places.”

On being asked, what we as the citizens of our country should do to support our Indian Army, RJ Simran says,” I have been getting many calls from people telling that should we donate and all, “Government is doing that, you can also come forward and do it but as mentioned earlier the only thing I would request you to do is I have got many calls from the army officers that we get the respect we want from the army people but I am talking about the army wives categorically, they don’t get that kind of respect and love from the civilians.”

Lastly, RJ Simran leaves a message to all my fans, “Whatever I am today is because of my fans only, the only thing I would tell my fans is since BIG FM has changed its tagline as we are requesting people to dhun badal ke toh dekho, whatever change you want to see in the society, around you just try to bring in yourself first. So army ko dekni ki dhun badal ke toh dekho and army families ko dekhni ki dhun badal ke toh dekho. Don’t respect your soldiers only for a day; they need your respect and attention every single day.