| 20 Apr 2024
MNS wing asks FM stations to stop playing Pakistani songs

MUMBAI: Pulwama terror attack was a huge loss for our country as 40 jawans were killed after a vehicle-borne suicide bomber rammed into their convoy in Pulwama District. The entire country mourned their death and lead to distress amongst Indians. Major decision like banning Pakistani artists from the Indian entertainment world was a big decision taken by authorities.

In the political world, MNS wing MNCKS (Maharashtra Navnirman Chitrapath Karmachari Sena) has asked Indian radio channels to stop playing Pakistani songs, in a quick effect. The party took action only after MNS Chief Raj Thackeray asked music firms to stop working with Pakistani singers.

Executive President of MNCKS Shalini Thackeray warned the stations to pay heed to this and stop playing songs/compositions. If this does not happen they will be taking serious consideration on this.

Shalini Thackeray did send a letter to all the FM stations across India addressing on the same.

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