| 05 Dec 2023
World Cancer Day Special: MY FM launches 'Zindagi Wins' Campaign

MUMBAI: On World Cancer Day, MY FM launched ‘Zindagi Wins’ campaign, where the cancer survivors &their families were invited to the show and talks on their journey to win over the disease was initiated by the RJs. The survivors shared how they triumph the hard disease with their strong will power, family support and positivity towards life. The campaign was run across the cities like Indore, Bhopal, Raipur, Ahmedabad, and Rajkot.

‘Zindagi win’ campaign is the initiative by MY FM to honor the spirit of survivors to beat the disease with the support of their family. The fight with this disease is not as easy as the biggest side effect of the treatment is hair fall which affects the self-esteem of many patients and instills a sense of fear in them. A lot of patients use “wigs" in this phase but quality wigs are expensive. Also, there is a lack of awareness about how these wigs are made and how a common individual can help in such a cause. To spread the awareness on the same MY FM in association with "Hair for Hope" and Madad NGO urged listeners to come forward and donate their hair which will be used for making "wigs" for cancer patients. Also, RJ’s of MY FM also motivated the listeners to come forward and support the campaign.

Mansvi Joshi, 12-year-old from Indore was one of the youngest donors who heard about the campaign and wanted to bring a smile on someone's face by donating her hair. Rashmi Sagar, 56-year-old from Bhilai donated her hair as she paid a tribute to her mom whom she had lost to this deadly disease. Irene George, 38-year-old did her bit as she had seen her close relatives battling the disease and the going through the anxiety of hair loss. Pojaba Sodha, 23 yr old form Ahmedabad was from a traditional family where she could not even trim her hair without parent's consent but once she shared her desire to contribute her hair for this noble deed, her parents supported her and she donated all her hair for wigs of cancer patients.  Around hundreds of individuals contributed to the campaign.  Not only the individual but MY FM's RJ Anjali from Indore also donated her hair during the campaign.

Expressing his feeling on the campaign, Vinay Manek, Programming Head said, “Looking at the increasing rate of cancer patients, MY FM initiated ‘Zindagi Win’ campaign with the aim to salute the spirit of the survivors & their families, spread the awareness around the disease and also swell encouraging stories of them. ‘Zindagi win’ is MY FM’s small initiate to do our bit for these real heroes. Also, with this campaign, we wanted to increase the awareness of hair donation in India and also educate the society on how individuals can contribute to helping them fight this hard disease. It has been heartening the way the listeners have responded in large numbers and their response coupled with our RJs efforts have clearly created a resonance for the campaign.”