| 19 Apr 2024
Superhits 93.5 Red FM's RJ Praveen hits the right note with 'Thik Hai' parody song

MUMBAI: Obliging to fans’ demands Superhits 93.5 Red FM’s RJ Praveen has finally released his own parody version of the popular Bhojpuri song Thik Hai. A jibe to the ‘Chalta hai’ attitude of every Indian, RJ Praveen encapsulated the highs and lows of 2018 in this song by converting the romantic lyrics to a spoof on trending issues. Keeping up the comical vibe of the original song, he gave a new spin to the entire number to suit the eccentric mood of last year. From ruling government’s statue building spree to Priyanka Chopra’s sudden marriage with Nick Jonas to skyrocketing LPG prices, this crazy satiric song has got everything covered.

Commenting on the song, Red FM’s RJ Praveen said “We are living in an unbelievably bleak time where despair outweighs hope when we assess different situations all around us. Finding joy through silliness of life in such dreary times is indeed a miracle. When I heard ‘Thik hai’ for the first time, it caught my attention instantly. But listeners across India were already enjoying this song immensely, so I decided to give it a twist and make a year-end wrap up song instead. Hence, I decided to go ahead and rewrite the entire lyrics keeping up with all the trending issues of 2018. And once it was up online, we got massive response from the audience.”

RJ Praveen’s Thik Hai has received more than 76k + views with close to 1K shares across Facebook and You Tube. Praveen chose to keep this viral video montage simple by featuring general public in it. It’s an ode to all of us and our laid-back and accepting attitude towards various ups and downs that 2018 threw at us. Light on humour, high on satire RJ Praveen’s Thik Hai is ultimately the story of 2018 in a single song! Here is the link to the song

Watch video here

RJ Praveen - Red FM

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