| 09 Jun 2023
Radio City's #MeraGhaata campaign led by the voice of Delhi, RJ Ginnie paves way for awareness on road safety

MUMBAI: India’s leading radio network, Radio City has launched #MeraGhaata, a campaign to create awareness about traffic rules and address the issues of underage driving, drunk driving and jay walking in the national capital region, Delhi. The voice of Delhi, Radio City’s RJ Ginnie took up the role of being the Driver of Change for this campaign and on her popular morning show, Suno Na Dilli 7am to, Monday to Saturday, encouraging listeners to consciously stop flouting traffic rules. The campaign, in association with Delhi Traffic Authority/Police, is a right blend of satire, humour and facts. #MeraGhaata, a three-week-long campaign which started on 3rd December, will manifest itself on-air, on-ground and on digital platforms. Led by RJ Ginnie, along with other Radio City representatives, this campaign will bring about a sense of self-realization amongst the Delhiites and influence a positive change in the society.

To amplify this message, Radio City launched a hard-hitting video on the menace of underage driving, drunk driving and jay walking, by recreating the popular song ‘Tera Ghata’, sung by the famed singer Gajendra Verma. The video encapsulates the consequences of breaking traffic rules and encourages Delhiites to take the onus of preventing road mishaps. This message driven campaign will be supported with a 360 degree marketing approach, including on-ground, digital, print and outdoor.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Radio City said Chief Creative Officer Kartik Kalla said, “Radio has the power and reach to influence mindsets at large and Radio City, has always strived to resolve the issues the citizens struggle with. Since we are all equally guilty of breaking traffic rules, the idea behind the campaign is to encourage Delhiites to take onus of our actions. The song chosen for the campaign is immensely popular amongst the listeners and thus, we chose to take a digital route that resonates best with them. We are optimistic that we will be able to bring about a significant difference in building better civic sense and social responsibility among the people of Delhi.”

Expressing her thoughts on leading this drive, popular Radio City RJ Ginnie said, “I believe Radio and its role is constantly evolving in today’s day and age. It is no longer limited to just music and fun – it is also a great influencer in highlighting daily problems and social issues in such a manner that it stays with the listener. Traffic is one of the biggest problems of Delhi and the fact is that each one of us is equally responsible for the mess. Whether it is giving keys to underage children, not following road rules, not using foot-over bridges and subways, we’re all guilty of it. It is imperative that all of us unanimously make an effort to bring about a change and make Delhi better.”

Watch video here

Singer Gajendra Verma of Tera Ghata fame, which served as the inspiration for the name of this campaign, said, “It is an honour that my song is lending itself to such an important cause and I hope people start becoming more responsible citizens when it comes to following road traffic rules. I support RJ Ginnie and Radio City for this initiative. Drunk driving, jay walking and under age driving - the three main aspects Radio City’s #MeraGhaata campaign seeks to redress - have severe consequences that most of us do not realise.”