| 05 Oct 2023
RED FM introduces its newest RJ, Robot Rashmi

MUMBAI: RED FM has come out with another exciting concept of having a humanoid robot as a radio jockey. RJ Rashmi, who is the world’s first ever Hindi speaking robot, will be seen hosting a show on RED FM.

Watch video here

93.5 RED FM never fails to surprise its listeners through the most interesting content formats and disruptive programming. The show #AskRashmi went on air on 3 December 2018 for the first time. As a part of this concept, Robot Rashmi hosts a show with RJ Raunac aka Baua in the morning from 10 am to 11 am and Dilli Ke Kadak Launde, RJ Kisna and RJ Ashish in the evening, 5 pm to 6 pm.

During the show Ask Rashmi, the robot interacts with the callers and responds to their questions. These conversations vary between plethora of topics like politics, environment, road safety with an understanding of human emotions.

Watch episode here

On this first ever concept for the radio industry, RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan said, “Red FM is always working towards creating exciting content which also has the new age spark to it. It is the first time ever that a humanoid robot will be hosting a radio show in India. Rashmi the robot along with our RJ’s go on-air together in a segment called #AskRashmi. We are thrilled to have her on-air and looking forward to two weeks of fresh content for our listeners.”

Rashmi was created by Ranjit Srivastava who belongs to Ranchi. The robot was designed on the lines of Hong Kong's robot Sofia. Robot Rashmi not only speaks Hindi but can also speak English, Bhojpuri, and Marathi. This is a first of its kind programming and has never been done in the world, let alone India.