| 15 Jul 2024
Pankaj Udhas and Gulzar Sahab 'Nayaab Lamhe' exclusively on MY FM

MUMBAI: It is the season of celebration for ghazal lovers as their favorite radio channel MY FM collaborates with Nayaab Lamhe for its Shaam-e-ghazal show. Nayab Lamhe is the first collaboration between Pankaj Udhas and Gulzar Sahaab and the exclusive gazals from the album will be played on Shaam-e-ghazal show across 30 cities.

Shaam-e-ghazal is a Ghazal based show that comes every Sunday between 9 pm till midnight across. MY FM jock will do an exclusive conversation with Pankaj Udhas and Gulzar Sahaab and these legends will be speaking their heart out and heard sharing the stories behind the name of the album, making an experience, working together first time ever, discussing the lyrics and meaning on the show.

The three episodes on the series will be aired in December month and will be broadcasted on across 30 stations. During these episodes, the gazals will be played from Nayaab Lamhe album along with Ghazals from Gulzar Sahaab and Pankaj Udhas.

Speaking on this collaboration, MY FM National Programming Head Vinay Manek said, “We are privileged to have got this opportunity and really feel honored to have Pankaj Udhas and Gulzar Sahaab coming together as our guest for the show. It is a gift to our listeners and to all the Ghazal lovers who can relive the Ghazal era with the memorizing albums of the legends.”