| 30 Jan 2023
MY FM RJ Kartik is the first RJ to become brand ambassador of Rajasthan Election Commission

MUMBAI: MY FM RJ Kartik, who is among the top three most followed RJs in the country, has become the brand ambassador of Rajasthan Election Commission. RJ Kartik’s this feat makes him the first RJ to be chosen as the face of Rajasthan’s Election Commission for Jaipur Elections 2018.

Speaking about his noteworthy achievement, excited RJ Kartik exclaims, “I am very happy and I request everyone in Jaipur and Rajasthan that there should be 100% voting this time. Last year, we had passed with distinction as the turnout was 76 %. Hence, I am trying for making it 100%, this year, and I ask everyone should go and vote as it is the biggest right everyone in India has got.”

When asked about his plans as the brand ambassador of Jaipur Election Commission, Kartik reveals, “Since my digital fan base is huge, I have been utilising it to make appeal to people, creatively, to go and vote. We have also made a special rap for election, which we are continuously playing.”

“For senior citizens and disabled people, we are making special travel arrangements so that we can take them to the voting booth, from their respective homes, and drop them back post voting so that they do not face any travel issues,” he further adds.

Further speaking, RJ Kartik says, “I have made one more appeal for those, whose hometown is not Jaipur, but belong to the neighbouring areas that they must go and exercise their right to vote. Also, the government has given a holiday tomorrow for the same. Even I am heading to my hometown Kota, today, so that tomorrow morning I can go and exercise my vote first, post which, I will be back to Jaipur and encourage people to exercise their right to vote.”

RJ Kartik has been making noteworthy efforts, through his radio show, Salaam Jaipur to ensure maximum turnout on the Election Day i.e. tomorrow, 7 December 2018.

“When it comes to radio, we are continuously talking with local celebrities and officers of the election commission about elections. We are trying to explain minute details of elections, which people must be aware of. We are also appealing people from different sections of the society to exercise their vote. Various groups have joined hands with us in achieving the target of 100% voting.”

MY FM Business Head Rahul Namjoshi also spoke on Kartik’s this achievement, “We are pleased to be associated with the election commission for this cause and feel immensely happy that our RJ has been chosen as the face of the campaign. RJ Kartik is the perfect choice as he has huge liking among people and has a strong hold on social media platform.”

RJ Kartik is known for his social connect as he has contributed in various social campaigns. His Monday Motivation videos are also a craze among his fans that are over two million on social media. He has also bagged the IRF Award for Best Radio Program in Hindi language category in 2015 and 2018 and Laadli Media National Award for BOL campaign.

Lastly, on his upcoming projects, RJ Kartik signed off, “Currently, I am busy in the election campaigns, but I want to give my fans only one message, Kar Dikhao Jo Aisa Jo Duniya Karna Chahiye Aapke Jaisa.”