| 06 Jul 2022
Magic 106.4 FM brings Bollywood Gharana for Mumbaikars

MUMBAI: The ultimate crossover of Bollywood and classical music is here. Magic 106.4 FM brings Bollywood Gharana to town, which is touted to be Magic 106.4 FM’s year ending treat for all music lovers in the city. The band will perform Bollywood hits with a fresh twist of Indian classical music.

With a stellar lineup of artists, Bollywood Gharana will bring lead singers; Abhijit Pohankar, Bhavya Pandit and Gandhar Deshpande, along with their immensely popular band members all under one roof. They will perform live on Saturday 30 November 2018 at IES Manikrao Auditorium in Bandra. Each of these artists is known for their unique musical quality.

Abhijit Pohankar is the face of new age Fusion Indian music. Being the son of renowned classical vocalist maestro Pandit Ajay Pohankar, music flows in his blood. He is also popularly known as the pioneer of lounge music in India. Now he presents this unique fusion of Bollywood hits with Indian Classical music. An ace keyboard artist and singer, he carries the legacy of music on his able shoulders with aplomb.

The most promising upcoming playback singer, Bhavya Pandit was amongst the top 6 Indian Idol contestants. She is the playback singer of the song Rani Tu Main Raja from Son of Sardar. Bhavya is the lead vocalist of the band and will truly still your heart with her mellifluous singing, wit and charm.

Gandhar Deshpande is the most likeable boy in the band. He has taken rigorous classical training and makes the songs sound authentic but cool. Son of Pandit Dr.Ram Deshpande and, Smt. Archana Deshpande, both vocalists and experts in this form of music, Gandhar is a trained Hindustani classical vocalist.

Describing Bollywood Gharana, Abhijit Pohankar says, “Bollywood Gharana is a unique band, which performs seamless fusion of two greatest musical oceans of India - Bollywood music and Indian classical music. I can describe Bollywood Gharana simply as ‘Bollywood Hits with a Classical Twist’.”

Commenting on the event Magic 106.4 FM COO Nisha Narayanan says “Bollywood Gharana is an exceptional band, who effortlessly plays some timeless Bollywood hits infused with the sounds of classical instruments. It is an absolute magic to the ears and makes you live in the moment. Bollywood Gharana fits perfectly well with Magic FM’s emotion of ‘Jee Le Zaraa’ and is a true celebration of life.”

Today’s lives are shrouded in redundancy and routine. The 9 to 5 working drill rarely gives people a chance to breathe easy, rejoice and enjoy life. Due to this, people forget to live in the moment.

As Magic 106.4, we’re out to change that by being messengers of love, light and positivity in an otherwise gloomy world. We believe in the magic of hope and happiness, and how a little joy goes a long way in making the world a better place for people and also for those around them.

Our philosophy of Jee Le Zaraa makes us radiate contentment and enthusiasm through the airwaves so that people live it up a little more. So whether it be through little surprises to make someone’s day or by playing a melodious number that can spark fond memories, we consider ourselves not merely a radio station, but a constant emitter of positivity and delight. Through all our initiatives, we’re out to spread the zest of living life so that people learn to Jee Le Zaraa.