| 19 Jul 2024
Events like Radio Connex help jocks to glance through their and others work says BIG FM's MJ Sangram

MUMBAI: BIG FM Pune’s RJ Sangram happens to be one of the nominees at Radio Connex, which is one of a kind celebration of excellence in Radio. The commemoration, which would take place at The Play Lounge, in Mumbai on 10th October 2018, 7 pm onwards aims at awarding the achievers from the radio Industry. On the same RJ Sangram has spoken on Radio Connex.

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On being asked, how Radio Connex will help RJ’s across India, RJ Sangram added, “I am very excited about the event. We are usually are stuck with our daily plans, but events like these give us a chance to sit back and look at our work that we have done over the past years. Secondly, we also get to see what everybody else is doing because normally your competition checks are cursory, but when something like this happens, you try to dig around a little more. We also get to know, who has done what differently and what can we do."

Earlier, RJ Sangram had asked fans for a vote appeal, as he said, “Just watch any show of mine and you will feel like voting for me. I will put 15 lakhs for every person who votes for me.”

Besides, RJ Balaji and RJ Nitin had earlier spoken about Radio Connex.

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