| 15 Jul 2024
Radio City's RJ Archana marched with members of LGBTQA Community for a 'City Ki Pride - #FreeHugs' walk

MUMBAI: Radio City organized a pride walk in lieu of historical verdict announced last week by the Supreme Court of India on Section 377, decriminalizing sex between consenting adults of the same gender. Radio City’s ‘City Ki Pride - #FreeHugs’ was led by RJ Archana, who set out on a pride walk, yesterday, in Mumbai, with members of the LGBTQA community. 

The members joining in for the walk included famous fashion designer Rohit Verma, social worker for transgender rights, Vicky Shinde, Mr. Gay India (Runner-Up) 2017, Darshan Mandhana and others from LGBTQA groups like ‘Rainbow Tigers’ and ‘Humsafar’. The idea behind the activation was to celebrate the verdict by spreading the message of #LoveisLove and members of the community giving out free hugs to all. The contingent held placards saying “Love is Love”, “Love knows no gender” and Pride flags while offering Free Hugs to passersby.

Speaking about the initiative, Radio City’s RJ Archana said, “I am really happy and proud to be a part of the ‘City Ki Pride - #FreeHugs’ initiative by Radio City. We, at Radio City, have always been a propagator of equal rights for all and no discrimination towards any one based on their gender or sexuality. Now that the Supreme Court has accepted them, it is the common people who need to show their love and support to the LGBTQA community, and I am really proud and urge everyone to spread the love and joy to all.”

Since Radio City believes that ‘Change begins at home’, City Ki Pride - #FreeHugs began in the Radio City office itself and extended to the streets later. RJ Archana led the walk and asked common Mumbaikars for their response to the verdict. The team received an enthusiastic and cheerful response from people of all age and vocation; from college students to fruit vendors to older men – everyone was receptive and accepting of the love being offered.

With this activity, Radio City extends their full love and support to people of all genders, communities and backgrounds, and will continue to do so in future.