| 20 Apr 2024
92.7 Big Fm FM's star RJ Siddharth shares his International Radio Festival, 2015 experience

MUMBAI: Radioandmusic’s new initiative Connex, a competition that celebrates  contribution of people from the radio industry, spanning in seven categories, is like International Radio Festival; giving a platform for Radio Jockeys. RJ Siddharth of 92.7 Big FM was the chosen representative in the year 2015, from India, at the IRF. To represent one’s country on an international forum is always an honour and RJ Siddharth agrees with the same.

“It was indeed an honour to be selected from so many RJs in India. It also gave an opportunity to meet RJs across the world. It was like a cultural pot, where people from various culture and ethnicities come and meet. Therefore, it is a great learning experience,” reminisces Siddharth.

He went and presented Hindi Film Music to foreigners, who were stunned by the expanse of it. Although, it was nothing short of challenge for the RJ. He shares, “It was challenge but an interesting one. I took them through the repertoire of Hindi Film music from early 50’s till now. Explaining them how greats like Salil Chowdhary and R D Burman were in tune with western music too, was interesting to both, me and the audience. I also tried explaining how with times sounds have changed in India too.”

What amused the international audience was the fact that there is a separate genre called Bollywood music, says Siddharth. “There were RJs from Italy and UK and so many other countries and all of them were amazed to know the sheer popularity Bollywood music enjoys in India.”

The RJ also feels that he also got acquainted with advanced sound system, when he went there. “I can’t recall the exact name of the system and software, but they used this particular software, which was extremely handy. The interface is different and it was not for recording but for live performance.”

He also had a fan boy moment there, when he met his favourite and the most famous RJ in the world, “Apart from meeting some really amazing RJs all across the world, I got an amazing opportunity to meet Tony Prince. The best part was, when the Bollywood music was on, he started to dance on Laila Laila song. This was certainly a memorable moment.”

RJ shares that such initiatives are beneficial for both the RJs and radio stations, “Such platforms give you global exposure.”

Drawing a parallel with RadioandMusic‘s Radio Connex, the RJ says, “Radio and Music always comes up with innovative enterprises. This, too, is an excellent platform for the RJs. I always follow the work done by Radio and Music.”

Considering the next IRF is scheduled soon in October 2018 in Malta, RJ Siddharth was asked, what the one tip, he would like to share with the new representative from our country. On this, he said, “I think all the RJs are smart and they know their work. All I can suggest is be yourself and make your own format.”

He signs off saying, “Ï think Annu Kapoor should represent India at the next IRF. I really like him.”