| 15 Apr 2024
RED FM's RJs urge to blur the line and cross the border with #Crosstheborder

MUMBAI: RED FM takes a step in uniting the country with the Independence Day campaign ‘National Jock Exchange’. On this Independence Day RED FM’s most renowned RJs, from 14 different cities will cross the border of their state to explore a new city. India is a country that is the most diverse country in the world. The variety in cuisines, languages, cultures, traditions and festivals all of this is just phenomenal.

RED FM’s National Programming Head Ranjit Pathak says, “RED FM being one of the largest radio networks in the country aims to demolish this rhetorical question that a Punjabi is better than a Maharashtrian and vice versa. We want to establish the fact that a Maharashtrian, a Malayali, a Kannadiga, a Delhiite, an Assamese and every other citizen who lives in those 29 states and 7 Union Territories are Indians irrespective of what our belief, culture and language is.”

Commenting on the campaign, RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan says, “We belong to a country that is identified by its culture and diversity across the different geographical territories. With our station’s expansions across all markets, we plan to be united in any way possible. Bringing our IPs like MusiCom, Swag Fest and our on-air shows up on a national pedestal is a way to stand united as one network. Through this campaign we aim to unite our listeners and promote secularism and unity to sustain India’s democratic spirit as we celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Day.”

All the action will be captured live on the RED FM stations across states and geographies. Stay tuned to RED FM to know where your favourite RJs will be! Catch the action on RED FM social handles as well.

RED FM’s top 14 RJs who are a part of #Crosstheborder

1.       Malishka (Mumbai)

8.       Kavya (Dehradun)

2.       Anubhav (Chandigarh)

9.       Disha (Bangalore)

3.       Purab (Kanpur)

10.     Umang (Patna)

4.       Mandy-Kabir (Pune)

11.     Mandy (Guwahati)

5.       Praveen (Kolkata)

12.     Ravi (Indore)

6.       Raunac (Delhi)

13.     Tushar (Lucknow)

7.       Devaki (Ahmedabad)

14.     Kalpesh (Jodhpur)