| 09 Jun 2023
Radio Mirchi and CCC come together to promote entrepreneurship

MUMBAI: People with innovative and creative business ideas are many, but not all are able to execute it into a successful business. Hence, to help such creative minds and make them successful entrepreneurs, Radio Mirchi has joined hands with Chandigarh City Centre (CCC).

Vice President-Programming Nitin Gupta shares the idea behind this concept that boasts of the tagline, Iraade Hain Thos To Khud Bano Boss, “We want to reward the winner of the activity with one of the most exciting workspaces. Also, going beyond rewards, we aim to create a buzz that no other brand has achieved till now,” said Associate Vice President Programming Nitin Gupta.

With the collaboration, Radio Mirchi and CCC will help entrepreneurs with an office in the heart of Chandigarh city. The person with the most innovative and creative business idea will be the winner.

Let us see how this activity really works!

·          The campaign began on 22 July while the registration and collection of ideas on-air will be until 30 July.

·          Jocks would ask participants to send their entries the WhatsApp number - 7087983983, where they have to type their name space boss and send it to the Mirchi team.

·          The basic filtration of ideas/plans would be done by the jocks themselves.

·          After the first two weeks of filtration, a grand jury would sit comprising of CCC, Radio Mirchi and an external non-bias entity that would assess the quality of ideas presented by the selected participants.

·          The fourth and the last week will start from the top five selected contestants, who would be announced on-air. Their ideas would be aired, highlighting their struggle in personal and professional space.

·          The winner will be announced at an on-ground activity which will be held in the fourth week.

                  ·          The winner will, officially, get the place registered under its name. The workplace can be started by October.