| 19 Jul 2024
Fever FM and MY FM to launch 'Mission Fit India' with Suniel Shetty

MUMBAI: Being healthy and staying fit is one of the most important things for every individual. There are people who success in keeping themselves fit on a daily basis but there are many others who fail with excuses. Looking at this concept deeply, Fever FM will soon be coming up with a fitness show and guess who is the host, Suniel Shetty.

Fever FM and MY FM will air Mission Fit India, Monday to Friday show, 9 am onwards. The show will target three kinds of groups, namely, the ones who are busy, living the modern but unhealthy lifestyle, avid social media users and the ones willing to try but fail in staying healthy.

The four months long campaign is divided into three phases, Phase 1 - Fit Basics, to understand the common issues and excuses by listeners, Phase 2 - Suniel Ki Sena, here Suniel will have his experts on food nutrition and exercise to guide the listeners go the right way and lastly Fitness Wars, this is for the RJs on board at the Fever FM station.

The Suniel Ki Sena includes - Nikhil Lad - Fitness Trainer, Shivoham - Fitness Trainer, Grandmaster Shifuji - World’s Best Commando Trainer since 2008, Riddhi Gupta - Masala Bhangra Trainer, Jeet - Strength and Conditioning Coach, Karishma Sharma - Athlete, Luke Coutinho - Food and Nutrition (Healing with Foods), Vrinda Mehta - Wellness and Mind, Kanchan Koya - Creator of Spice Spice Baby,  Vivek Ratnani - Celebrity Chef, Niharika Goenka - Behavioural Nutrition, Ravi Shastri – Yoga Trainer and Garima Sachdev – Kids and Teen Fitness Trainer

The show will reach 13 cities of Fever FM and 30 cities of MY FM listeners.

Every day of the week is divided into different parts, read them below:            

Activity Day (Mon-Wed-Fri)

Three days of the week, Suniel brings a different expert daily to talk about the benefits of everything from Zumba to Kickboxing to Aerobics to Crossfit.


Every Tuesday, Suniel Shetty brings a different nutritionist giving you health advantages of readily available options of great food habits from nuts to honey.


Every Thursday, Suniel Shetty brings a different chef giving you recipes that can make your food tasty and healthy at the same time.

There will also be a session called a chat room with Suniel Shetty where the listeners can chat with him about personal fitness goals and how to achieve them. There will also be some on-air contest organised from which 20 lucky winners from 43 stations will be gifted hampers.