| 25 Jul 2024
Big FM Bangalore does its bit promotes lesser complains message #CBVHN

MUMBAI: India might be the only country in the world, which has the maximum population of armchair activists. Everyone has an opinion on the government but owns contribution is nominal. Forget contribution, a lot of them don’t even vote. Considering the same issue and the impending elections in the state of Karnataka, Big FM 92.7 Bangalore, one of India’s largest radio networks has come up with a unique way to sensitize the public about the importance of voting for the upcoming and quite awaited state elections on 12 May 2018.

The radio station has come with a captivating music video featuring BIG MJ Pataki Shruthi, sending out a strong message ‘Complaint ByaDri Vote HaakNoDri’ translating to ‘Don’t complaint! Cast your vote and see the change.’  One of the most popular morning hosts with shows like Big Coffee, has addressed the pressing need of casting a vote through the entertaining and quirky music video, that conveys the message of development of the state, invites not only the locals, but all the people of Karnataka settled across the world, to make some time and cast their vote as each vote counts.

MJ Shruthi who is also appointed as an ambassador for Bengaluru traffic police said, “The music video aims to convey the message ‘Complaint ByaDri Vote HaakNoDri’. It is time that instead of complaining we take the responsibility and begin the change at our end. I hope through this video we are able to make the required impact and witness more and more people come forward to vote on 12 May.”

Traditionally, lots of election movements have used the medium of radio to the campaign. However, with the advent of social media, be it slogans like Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar or such videos can and are used as powerful tools.  

This video, however, is neutral to any political party and essentially focuses to create awareness among people about voting and election significance.

The video stars Big MJ Pataki Shruthi and Party (Hemanth, Abhilash, Avinash, Vimal, Sunil, Banti, Pooja, Chandana) and the song is composed by Prakash Santhaguru.

The video was released on 7 May and till now has garnered over 6000 views on Facebook handle and gathering steam on YouTube too.