| 12 Jun 2021
RED FM does 'Mumbai ki Plastic Surgery'

MUMBAI: RED FM has undertaken the cause of making Mumbai plastic free. As a radio station RED FM has always stood up to issues pertaining to the interest of Mumbai and its citizens. Uniting the city for a common issue RED FM acts as a catalyst reaching out to millions of Mumbaikars.

With ‘Mumbai ki Plastic Surgery’ as a concept RED FM requested people to change their habits towards the usage of plastic. The aim was to get Mumbaikars to dump not only plastic bags but all other plastic material in the RED FM truck which went around the city. The trucks collected all the plastic waste and finally reached Pune for recycling.

Watch RJ Malishka’s facebook live video below:

All pepped up and enthusiastic about the campaign, RJ Malishka, RED FM said, “With Maharashtra plastic ban, we as RED FM wanted to convey to people that this is a serious issue and it’s high time we take a pledge to make our city plastic free. The RED FM team constantly strives to drive across such messages to people, in the most creative way possible, hence came up with the concept of ‘Mumbai ki Plastic Surgery’. A big thank you from our side to ‘All India Plastic Manufacturer’s Association’ for all the information on plastic waste and to RudraEnvSolutions for helping convert the plastic waste into energy. The idea behind such campaigns is to unite Mumbaikar’s nudging them in the right direction and the results automatically become great.”