| 14 May 2021
RED FM gets Sona Mohapatra on board for 'Lal Pari Mastani'

MUMBAI: Women centric shows today are the USP of every radio station. RED FM has been following this since years now. After a successful afternoon show The Priyanka Raina Show, the team is all set to get one of the most powerful personalities in the music scene on radio, Sona Mohapatra.

The singer, who is witnessed to stand for women and human rights, will be associated with RED FM for an afternoon show named Lal Pari Mastani. On this association she said, “RED FM is a brand that I’ve always admired for its unique, innovative voice and the way they take a stand on issues. I have found its energy in sync with mine. It is also a fun and entertaining channel with a wonderful connection with its audience, so it felt like the most natural collaboration to help launch my alter ego and avatar of ‘Lal Pari Mastani’ across the country.”

Sona’s magic of regaling the audience with her voice attracted Nisha on getting her associated with RED FM. “It is a very natural collaboration to launch a show with her which talks about different facets of womanhood and stereotypes deep rooted in the Indian culture,” said RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan.

Nisha throws some light on naming the show Lal Pari Mastani. “Sona has been known to her audience by the moniker Lal Pari Mastani. She is a staunch feminist and is very vocal in her opinion on the same through her social handles. RED FM is collaborating with Sona to bring this strong voice on the airwaves with the Lal Pari Mastani Show,” said the COO.

Mohapatra has some allure for the colour red. She explains it further, “I have a deep fascination for the colour red, as it symbolises many aspects of womanhood and has deep roots in our culture. I want to break the mould of being pigeon-holed as only a ‘singer’. I am much more than that and through Lal Pari Mastani, I wish to express those aspects of my creativity.”

Being on the other side of the mic at the radio station is exciting for Sona. She said, “I’ve never been an RJ before. It takes a special blend of craft, talent and madness to do the job well. I feel excited by the opportunity to interact with an audience in a brand new way.”

Lal Pari Mastani’s content includes a mix of interesting conversations, interviews and moments of spontaneously bursting into song live on the air. “I’m going to take some chances, ask some uncomfortable questions, but the idea is to always have fun. Also I’m open to ideas and debate. I believe the show will be fun because of it,” Sona added.

“I’m known to be outspoken on matters that I feel passionately about and with RED FM, I want to interact and co-create music, art and film with my audience. I’m keen to hear what people have to say and here, there will be spontaneous combustion, live on the airwaves. I also plan to get some interesting guests on the show and the listeners will get to hear some live musical jams, some real-time music creation and many other moments of magic. I want to make my audience part of the creative process,” she further elaborated.

Turning an RJ with RED FM gets Sona excitement along with some expectations with audience through the show. “I hope to engage with people and discuss issues that are close to my heart. Women rights is definitely one of them but not the only issue or topic we plan to showcase. I stand for women’s rights in the same way that I stand for human rights in any case.  To be a feminist, all you have to believe is that men and women deserve equal opportunities in all walks of life,” added the Ambarsariya singer.

Let us know straight from Nisha, as a brand, what her expectations are from Sona and the show. “RED FM is a provocative entertainer, so the endeavour is always to bring forth voices that stand for a cause. Sona’s energy is infectious and it matches with our enthusiasm to create newer ideas and speak about issues unabashedly. We expect the show to attract conversations from both men and women.