| 23 Mar 2023
BIG FM undertakes #SmarterFasterTogether for content delivery and brand association strategy

MUMBAI: BIG FM is fortifying its strength in being the pioneers of original content curators and customized client solutions/campaigns with a series of large scale developments. The radio network in recent times has concentrated its efforts in taking innovation to the next level and being a forerunner across a wide spectrum of areas. Since undertaking the #SmarterFasterTogether approach, sound production, integration of brand’s messaging, original content creation on-air and digital, innovative campaigns and more have witnessed dedicated centers and team at work to streamline and deliver a rich product. In the past 12 years of BIG FM reaching out to connect with its consumers, it has achieved the kind of transformation that it had envisioned involving an everyday experience, reaching and connecting with millions of people in the country.

In the critical choice today of a technology driven ecosystem, media consumption is now rapidly taking a shift and there is an emergent need for traditional broadcasting companies to make themselves future ready and to change in-tune with the shifting consumer and media trends. Together, the leadership team looked at ways to renew and reorient BIG FM for this new era of technology. The focus remained on understanding the path to continue its mission of creating distinguished value to meet this changing consumer and client demands. It saw tremendous room for innovation in radio to bring the unique, differentiated and enveloping experience for its consumers.

Speaking about the strategy BIG FM CEO Tarun Katial said, “As a network that has been a pioneer of various trends in the radio industry, BIG FM continues to move ahead with the diligence of creating path-breaking content and provide enriched experience to its partners and audiences. The #SmarterFasterTogether approach defines the strategy of our network that is in line with the advancement of the media landscape and demands of the customers and stakeholders.”

Speaking on the vision BIG FM Human Resources Senior Vice President Archanaa Singh said, “It is really important to keep up the pace with the developments in the ideation and consumption front in order to have a consistent quality of delivery. We, at BIG FM, believe in building synergies that result in providing an enhanced experience at every stage. Our #SmarterFasterTogether approach has already been directing the teams at different levels to fulfill this objective and I hope that we set more such milestones ahead for BIG FM.”

BIG FM incorporated various steps towards this direction and to position itself for long-term growth in order for its brand and employees to reflect the change through its solutions and services.

Adopting the ‘Shared Purpose’ methodology - The confluence of ‘Listener’s need, brand Big FM ethos and clients objective’ by aligning their key functions-Programming, Solutions and Marketing that play a critical role in bringing synergies for faster and better results. These teams are now integrated to amplify overall productivity and creativity to drive excellence in the network’s services.

BIG FM’s another milestone was setting up of Center of Excellence - A competency center for promo producers and copywriters for all the Hindi speaking markets based out of Indore. This step has been taken to create far excellent product which is of great value and benchmark to customers, stakeholders with increased efficiency and turnaround time.

Launch of content incubator ‘Thwink BIG’- Content Studio to curate marquee cutting edge content across mediums - audio and video for both radio and digital. It serves as a go-to partner for advertisers for creating clutter breaking branded content, spikes and solutions. The new team is making the organization future ready and allows to unlock and scale innovation while unifying processes and opportunities.

BIG FM has reorganized its growth by aligning its teams into direct and indirect businesses to reflect the simplification of the organization’s portfolio in key markets. The client facing direct business is being led by Shalini Dureja - National Business Director-Retail, SME and Government and Divya Singh - National Business Director - Corporate, National and KAM. The indirect business is being led by Aparna Kapoor – National Business Director- Agency.

To further capitalize on the business opportunities coming its way, BIG FM is in the process of appointing senior leadership to lead this revolution of change along with it. The network is on a new path centered around delivering high-value results and many memorable milestones as they are progressing along.