| 03 Dec 2022
Shekhar Ravjiani visits a Mumbai chai stall run by women

MUMBAI: BIG FM with a view to further the ideology of woman empowerment went a step ahead by conceptualizing #AbMeriBaari and celebrating the whole month of March as the month of the woman. The initiative aims at encouraging citizens to do their bit for the important women in their lives. The radio network collaborated with renowned music director Shekhar Ravjiani to connect with the locals and spread the message of sharing responsibilities with the important women in their lives.

Shekhar went all out to showcase the true example of #AbMeriBaari when he visited a Mumbai tea stall and interacted with the owner, a woman. He is seen appreciating her hard-work and years of struggle that she has endured while still continuing with a positive spirit. Extending his gratitude towards her, he stepped ahead and took to her role of preparing tea. While the lady has been serving tea to the locals day in and out without complaining, Shekhar shared that today, it is his turn to prepare tea for her and allow her to enjoy a hot cup of tea comfortably. She was touched by this gesture. The action was quick to get attention of the people passing by. He further called for the locals to spread the #AbMeriBaari message and action far and wide by replicating it in some way or the other and share responsibilities and acknowledge the women in their lives. The video has already been well received by fans and fellow colleagues of Shekhar.

Watch the video below:

Versatile singer Shaan also took to Twitter to appreciate the efforts taken by his colleague and good friend to spread this noble message across the country in an interesting manner.

Sharing his experience about leading #AbMeriBaari as part of BIG FM’s Women’s month initiative, renowned singer and music director Shekhar Ravjiani said, “The subject of women empowerment has been discussed and encouraged time and again. However, with #AbMeriBaari we are taking this thought a step ahead by involving the citizens to come forward and convert it into an action, a movement. I am proud to be a part of this unique initiative by the BIG FM and Thwink team. #AbMeriBaari encourages citizens to thank women for everything they do, and create awareness about acknowledging and reciprocating that, not just on Women’s Day, but each day of the year.”