| 29 Nov 2023
BIG FM's Atul Razdan talks on adult contemporary genre and 2018 plans

MUMBAI: Just before 2017 came to an end, BIG FM launched a new show with the ace composer of Bollywood – Anu Malik. With the launching of its new show called The 90’s Show with Anu Malik, BIG FM re-positioned itself with entering into adult contemporary genre.

BIG FM’s national programming head Atul Razdan spoke to radioandmusic to explain the new concept. He said, “The reason to come up with this genre was to connect with the new generation audience and maintain our existing listenership base. We have to change with the trend and time. As we are trying to connect our target group of 25-45, it was the time to start looking at what kind of music they listen to and accordingly change our concept. That was when we decided to evolve into adult contemporary genre.”

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“With the Adult contemporary genre, we are not losing our connect with retro music, it is just that we are expanding from only 70’s 80’s to now 90’s and a mid 2000’s.  Launching the show with Anu malik was the best thing as he comes from the experience of the 90’s and 2000’s that fits in well with the idea,” added Razdan.

The team started working on the idea since the first quater on 2017. Moving ahead with the similar idea, the brand started releasing original music content on its YouTube channel called BIG Originals. The channel started coming up with original songs on occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Independence Day and more. This helps the brand to reach closer to the audience digitally.

On asking about further music acquisitions, Razdan added, “We keep coming up with things on consumers demand. On that basis we have come up with changes like more folks, hits in contemporary style, mash-ups, remixes, everything the current generation likes. We are also working on shows by two celebrity musicians and will be sharing the details at the right time.”

Lastly Razdan shares BIG FM’s 2018 plans. “We plan to join the dots between the listeners and the advertisers. In terms of music, we will come up with timeless era of music, explore new genre of music by recreations, mash-ups, remixes and a lot of digital involvement this year,” he ended.