| 17 Jun 2024
RJ Geet joins Radio Mirchi Amritsar

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi Amritsar launched it youngest RJ today. RJ Geet, who is currently pursuing her last semester, was launched today with her own show called Total Siyapaa on 104.8 Radio Mirchi, 12pm-3pm.

‘Siyapaa’ is a common word used in the Punjabi’s daily routine. It is generic to have ‘Siyapaa’s’ in everyone’s life, without which life is incomplete. To easily connect with the audience in Amritsar and the target audience, RJ Geet chose to be a part of this show.

Well, the RJ will come on-air with spices in these Siyapaa’s called as ‘Mirchi Ki Shurli’. She will talk about different types of Siyapaa’s having within siblings, couples, parents, children-parent relationship, friends and more.

“My craze for radio begun when I was in college and participated in a competition held in my department. Amongst all one was of being an RJ. I won the competition and that is when I realised my talent of being an RJ and that shouldn’t be wasted. So with my teacher’s motivation and guidance, I am on Radio Mirchi with my own show,” said the debut RJ.