| 25 Mar 2023
Three FM stations participated in 'United for Mall of Amritsar'

MUMBAI: Every radio station teaches its listeners a good cause. In Amritsar, three radio stations got together to support a cause at Mall of Amritsar. Under the malls, the special initiative ‘United for Mall of Amritsar’, RJs from RED FM, Radio Mirchi and MY FM participated together.

From RED FM – RJ Heer, RJ Vishesh, RJ Megha, Mirchi Sam from Radio Mirchi, RJ Rahul, RJ Garima and RJ Sameer from MY FM came together for the initiative.

The entire process from planning to execution started in early December. It was Mall of Amritsar that came up with the idea of bringing three radio stations together. The RJs played fun games with the crowd and gave a message that they stand United for Mall of Amritsar.

The two-hour show was an amazing experience not only for the RJ but also the listeners. The initiative was marketed with on-air promotions on each radio stations along with hoardings across the city.