| 03 Mar 2024
Current FM all set to launch on 1 January in Aligarh

MUMBAI: One of the important business center in Uttar Pradesh and amongst the largest cities in India, Aligarh will soon have its first local radio station. Current FM which is on a test-run now will be launching its station in the New Year.

The city which has players like Fever FM, BIG FM and soon to launch Tadka FM is excited to be a part of the radio market. “The existing stations have shows from various cities while we (current FM) are the only local station in Aligarh with local RJ’s and local content,” said Current FM programming head and RJ Asad.

With target audience of 16 to 30 years, the station will give its listeners local content, topics like love, Bollywood, cheezy talks, adding a wow factor to the listeners

Current Radio 94.1 FM has a range of around 50 – 80 kilometers. Going on-air from Monday to Friday, the shows are as follows:

6 am to 7am – a religious show called Aagaaz hosted by RJ Sohani.

7am to 11am – Current Morning with RJ Asad. It has a segment called ‘Bol Aligarh Bol’ where the localities will share problems faced in their routine life and the RJ will help solve them.

11am to 2pm – a woman-oriented show called Thoda Personal. Here RJ Kalpana will talk about shopping sales in the city, beauty and fashion tips along with some serial and Bollywood gossips.

2pm to 5pm – Rangbaaz, a youth based show which will conduct prank calls in Aligarh for the first time with RJ Mateeb. It will also promote audible local talents like singing, shayari, poems and more.

5pm to 8pm – RJ Kashish will be on the show called Horn Please. It will give the listeners traffic updates and happenings in and around the city. A special segment called ‘Flush Kar’ has been added for the listeners to revive with their tension and stress by sharing it with the RJ.

8 pm to 12 am – Ishq Wala Love. Here RJ Asad will help couples sort their issues and take song requests from the listeners. 11 pm to 12 am is a special segment dedicated to love stories.

The weekends will have recorded shows from the previous along with some fresh content. Currently, the station is on a test-run for the listeners to get used to the station. Being a youth-oriented station, it will play songs above the 90’s. The station is receiving an amazing response from the listeners already.

Current FM will officially be launched on 1 January 2018.