| 15 Jun 2024
The evolution of Suryan FM RJ Navalakshmi

MUMBAI: Life is a package of a surprise that has something better to offer each time and show producer and RJ Navalakshmi from Suryan FM experienced this when she first went for RJ auditions in Suryan FM. It was in 2011, Navalakshmi was preparing for her final year semester when she first entered the Suryan FM office.

“I knew nothing about radio except for the frequency and radio station's name during auditions. I was given a random show to host and I did all that I could understand. On my way back home I was sure to not be selected because I messed up the entire audition. Surprisingly I got a call from the company saying that I was selected and they asked me to come the next day for another round. They confirmed me in the second round and asked me to join from the next day. I was so amazed like next day? Seriously? My life completely changed in a day,” says the RJ.

Being the youngest in the company with no experience of a corporate life, the change was tough for her but her dedication always kept her moving.

“That time it was my baby job, I did not know how a corporate work does. A college student who is always in cool superman t-shirts with loose pants suddenly stepping into the corporate world was just a life surprising change for me. But I was proud to not step back and that is the reason why I am here today,” says Navalakshmi.

Being an RJ was never on her wish list but as destiny always has something better than you think, Navalakshmi also believed in her destiny and opted for radio jocking.

“I thought of going into media as my entire family is into media but not RJ in specific. I was into theatre during college and played the role of an RJ twice. That is when I gave a thought that if I can play good roles, why not try to actually be an RJ. I always wanted to create an identity for myself without using my last name and radio is the best job for it,” she added.

The first show that Navalakshmi did was a typical radio show about dedicating songs called Ungalukaga. She gradually grew and today she is doing two shows. An afternoon 1-3 pm show called Magalir Mattum which is a woman-centric show. Here talented women majorly college students are featured on the show with stories of their journey. Next is an evening gossip show Kisu Kisu Geetha. On this show the RJ gossips about cinema, stars and more. Along with this she also produces a show called Injimarapa.