| 25 Sep 2023
Relevance of content is important: Rajat Uppal

Radio stations are no longer restricting themselves to the studio. They have now moved out with various activities and campaigns that are basically made for the commoners.

One of the radio stations to go all out with on-ground campaigns is RED FM. Their activities are not restricted to on-air or on-ground but also serve the digital audience.

Recently, RED FM came up with an on-ground campaign called ‘Ek No.Wall’ for people who pee on roadside and walls.

Talking about the idea, RED FM’s National Marketing Head Rajat Uppal said, “We wanted to create awareness around public urination on open roads and walls in the capital and hence came up with the concept of ‘EK No. Wall'. Each city has those iconic walls on which everyone pees. We identified such walls and created an interesting setup on them. Anyone who would pee on these walls would be automatically sprayed with water making them move or run away. At Red FM, we have from time to time picked up social or civic issues and addressed them in innovative and entertaining ways, this being one of them.” 

He further added, “Most of our campaigns and initiatives are designed in a way that they deliver entertaining content on-air and on the digital medium. We pick up a lot of marketing content ideas from our surroundings- what’s happening in the cities, what’s trending or is the vibe with the youth. Similarly we did a campaign in Mumbai a few months back called ‘Char Bottle Roz Ka’ where-in RED FM RJs with the teams went out on the streets giving out chilled water bottles to traffic policemen, BMC workers etc passing the message that it is important to drink enough water during Mumbai summers to remain healthy.” 

“Content relevance is critical for any media brand to create a connect with its audience. At RED FM, we ensure that we pick up content pegs and campaigns which will help the brand to build a strong emotional connect with the listeners.” Uppal explained.

The brand has content and communication team to look after such activities.

RED FM has also made a point of making appropriate use of the fast-growing medium i.e. digital. Every on-ground activity is parallelly promoted on digital through a well fleshed out engagement plan.

“Digital is yet another medium for content delivery, at the end, it is all about content. Merit of the content is what makes it fly with the audience. We are not just a radio station but entertainment brand serving content across multiple platforms now with the core still being the radio,” ended Uppal.

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