| 19 Jan 2022
RED FM objects public urination with 'Ek No. Wall'

MUMBAI: RED FM has taken up the civic issue of open urination on walls that is a common sanitation problem. These ‘Ek Number Walls’ are spread across different locations in Delhi NCR basis feedback from the listeners that these walls have offensive pee stench.

Almost every street of the capital big or small, famous or infamous have a wall made for overflowing bladders to relieve themselves. To embarrass such miscreants, RED FM put up walls of revenge termed as ‘Ek No. Wall’- the wall that throws back water on the person who pees on the wall. Every time someone came to pee on the wall, a surprise was showered back and the wall sprays back water on them. RED FM intends to take this initiative across its key stations in the network in the coming weeks.

Red FM COO Nisha Narayanan said, “Ek No. Wall is yet another innovative and disruptive initiative the content and marketing team has come up with. It truly reflects what brand RED stands for and is ‘Bajaate Raho’ to its core. Even with new sanitation facilities available, the menace of peeing on the walls is rampant in Delhi-NCR. So, RED FM decided to take up this civic issue and bring it to the fore in an interesting manner converting some of these infamous walls into ‘Ek Number Walls’, which pee back water on the person who pees on it.”

Check out the activity on their YouTube video below: