| 24 Mar 2023
Sarthak FM's streaming app receives great response

MUMBAI: Orissa based radio station Sarthak FM which went on-air in April this year also launched a streaming app on the same day. It’s been five months since the app has launched and has received an outstanding response.

The app has received approx two lakh android downloads and 10 thousand IOS downloads. The most interesting fact is that the app has witnessed listeners engaged for around 20 hours in a day.

On this, Sarthak FM head Sitaram Agrawal said, “The app has 30 seconds of delay than that of live shows running on-air. Also, the audience response is very motivating for us. We have certain plans penned down for the streaming app.”

Also, ads played on-air are the ones on the streaming app too. But, the team is on a lookout for fresh advertisers for their app.

The brand is yet to finalise a show for Sunday. Two special programmes are broadcasted along with other shows throughout the week. 2-3 pm is a storytelling programme designed on festivals that is at times replaced with a musical play. A woman-centric NGO has initiated a program from 3-5 pm which talks about women health issues and helping them with solutions. This will be a live on-air show where the listeners can call on the radio to find solutions for problems related to health.