| 03 Oct 2022
Amish Tripathi presents the story of Advitiya Sita on MY FM

MUMBAI: This Navratri MY FM celebrates women empowerment with a refreshing take on Devi Sita in the show, Advitiya Sita by Amish Tripathy, the popular fiction writer. Amish turned RJ presents Devi Sita's untold story of bravery and valor from his book Sita The Warrior of Mithila and anecdotes from his interpretation of Ramayan. The show runs across the network every day starting today until 30 September.

In the book, Sita has been portrayed as a warrior, an able administrator and as a role model for every woman, unlike the prevailing depiction of a disciplined wife of Lord Ram. The entire narration of the show like the book relates to the contemporary challenges faced by women through the story of Sita. The key topics spoken about are self-defense, leadership, work-life balance, valued based governance that the woman of today is waking up to.

Remarking on the show and the association Amish, popular fiction writer said, “The fight for equality between men and women, across all communities in India, is one of the most important issues confronting us today. A country cannot achieve its true potential if half its population is kept suppressed. Even one of our ancient scriptures has said that 'Gods stop answering prayers and abandon the land where women are not respected.”

He added, “I feel privileged to be part of the Advitiya Sita show put together by My FM during Navratri. As responsible citizens it is our duty to speak loudly on this issue, by drawing inspiration from strong women from our past.”

Commenting on the show MY FM chief programming officer Viplove Gupte said, “What is one of the most noteworthy things that we at MY FM intend to do every time is that break the rules of radio and bring out something that provides a pleasant surprise to our listeners. With our new positioning Aaj Kuchh Achchaa Sunte Hain, we have decided to bring "happy listening" experience for our listeners. 

One of the first few steps in this regard is to get well-known author Amish Tripathi to narrate the story of Sita in his inimitable style. Now, very few people know about Sita because the world knows the books as “Ramayan” and how much ever we dig deep, we hardly know much about Sita. Amish, assuming the role of an RJ, will deliver a special segment called "Advitiya Sita" during the Navratri period, talking about the warrior princess Sita. These are some untold stories, there are some facts that we are not aware of about Sita. Amish brings the distinction of India's highest paid myths-fiction writer which is based on extensive research.”

Advitiya Sita is another attempt by MY FM to offer something in the happy listening space to its listeners.