| 20 Mar 2023
Big FM to celebrate Navratri with a musical 9 Day extravaganza 'Suron Ki Nau Deviyan'

MUMBAI: Big FM is back with a renewed edition of 'Suron Ki Nau Deviyan'. The radio network will live up to its core music promise and the merit of Suno Sunao Life Banao by infusing a 9 day musical fest with the key messaging of women empowerment. Big FM will be the first ever radio station to specially compose 9 sufi-folk songs highlighting the virtues of the 9 goddesses during Navratri. 9 female artists including Shweta Pandit, Harshdeep Kaur, Prajakta Shukre and Shradha Pandit among others will feature solo in the videos of these songs. They will also connect with listeners during a one-hour special evening show dedicated to each singer from 21st – 29th September providing a mellifluous experience to listeners.

'Suron Ki Nau Deviyan' will be an amalgamation of music and story-telling, through which the radio network will celebrate Navratri, a festival that is synonymous with a woman’s true spirit. Big FM will embody the essence of providing more music to its listeners with content that will promote women empowerment through the dedicated songs. The one-hour special show will be based on the theme which symbolise the virtue of the goddess of that specific day such as strength, beauty, power among others. With songs highlighting these expressions in the voice of the singers that resonate with each, the radio station will celebrate women. The video of each song featuring its singer will be simultaneously launched on-air and on the network’s digital platform. Listeners will be enlightened with motivating narratives on the journey and accomplishments of these distinguished female artists. 

Speaking about the innovative offerings, a spokesperson from Big FM said, “It is our conscious effort to be a platform that provides meaningful content that is edgy and relatable. While we are connected with listeners through the power of radio, we are also taking our digital presence a step forward with engaging video formats. The sheer magnitude of the 9 day activity with well-known artists on-board, is expected to bolster the appeal for our listeners and digital consumers across demographics thereby, providing extensive visibility to the advertisers."

BIG FM’s innovative format of ‘Suron Ki Nau Deviyan’ will add a different dimension to the significance of Navratri this year, by promoting women empowerment. Through recognition and acknowledgement of a woman’s intrinsic qualities on a mass platform, the network intends to empower and inspire women across the nation this Navratri and be a catalyst of change.