| 15 Jul 2024
Red FM launches streaming app

MUMBAI: With TV networks going the streaming way, and apps like Saavn, Hungama, Gaana too taking that tack, why should FM radio stations be behind?

According to the buzz, India’s leading radio FM station Red FM is also going that route. Headed by COO Nisha Narayanan, Red FM is known for its mascot RJs Malishka, Raunac, Nasar, Rishi Kapoor and its pranky shows.

Narayanan told that it has rolled out the Red FM app for downloads. The only difference: the app has no music, it features the crazy things and conversations that keep happening at the station’s various studios nationally every day.

Says Narayanan: “We have always been provocative and maintaining the leadership we have is a challenge too but we will surely do it the best way we can.”

She is quite clear that digital radio cannot be looked at the same way a music app is; it has to be different in its constitution. For several reasons, she explains. Among them: “One, we do not own the music due to copyright issues. Then, I think content is what people need today, music is available freely everywhere. So we needed to strategise in a better way."

If it works, RedFM will be able to crow that it came up with another industry first.