| 26 Mar 2023
We are very conscious about our brand: Anindita Chatterjee on Radio Mirchi

MUMBAI: In the past few years, radio has turned out to be one of the most engaging and interactive platforms. The entertaining jocks on the show keep our moods up with prank calls, jokes, infotainment programs, music and lots more. But have you ever thought about the amount of research work done behind each successful show that is on-air? Let’s understand the nitty-gritty's straight from the expert –Anindita Chatterjee, Cluster Programming Head for Radio Mirchi Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur.

Anindita Chatterjee started her career with Radio Mirchi before exploring different avenues internationally. During this period she stayed in the UK for her master’s degree and worked in UAE. Her break from radio lasted for 12 years before returning to Radio Mirchi last year.

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All these years, Chatterjee has actively been a part of either programming or production and that is what crafts her as a confident programmer. As an experienced woman, Chatterjee precisely observes the nature of radio and listeners before structuring a show.  “When people listen to the radio, they think that there is a presenter, a jock who is RJing and playing the music.  But, that isn’t the case in a studio room. There is a complete process of planning, research and implementation that goes into the show.We closely examine the type of content that our listeners like and accordingly we program the show. Every word that you hear from a jock is an outcome of a conscious effort,” added Chatterjee.

Having a classified target audience, Mirchi is firm about its audience and programs for these audiences. They believe in doing things that are healthy for their brand and benefits the audience too. “A lot of radio stations believe in throwing swag to attract the audience, but in the bargain, they also end up compromising on their brand. The brand is something that we are very conscious about,” stated the programming head.

Furthermore, in her career span, Chatterjee found conceptualising ‘The Naved Khan Show’ most challenging. “Naved is one of the most popular RJ’s in the market due to his Mirchi Murga USP, also he has more than two million Facebook followers. The toughest part is packaging news in a funny way as Naved is known for his fun-loving talks on the show,” ended Chatterjee.