| 28 May 2024
After Mukta Barwe, MY FM brings Makrand Anaspure on board

MUMBAI: MY FM, the radio division of Dainik Bhaskar group decided on going user-friendly sometime back and following the plan they have produced a few shows. 

To understand their audience well, a two-month pre-launch campaign 'Aapki Marzi' was on-ground, seeking a public opinion of the city – Maharashtra  – on how their radio station should be in terms of music, humour, RJ talk, etc.

On the basis of this campaign, MY FM designed two shows, ‘The Mukta Barwe Show’ and ‘Asa Mi Tasa Me’. ‘The Mukta Barwe Show’ went on-air in February this year. Television and Film personality Mukta Barwe is hosting the show from12 pm to 1 pm, a sole women dedicated show.

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Later, in March ‘Asa Mi Tasa Me’ a show hosted by Makrand Anaspure went on-air. Makrand Anaspure is one of the actors who possess exemplary comic timing and a natural gifted skill to make people laugh. This is an absolute bone tickling show which has numerous flavours to it and Makarand’s unique proficiency in using the Marathwada accent of Marathi language. This is one of his specialties that have made the show even more popular among the listeners, whereas the beauty of the show is that it not only makes you laugh out loud but also makes you think hard on various topics be it water conversation, current happenings in the society.

Commenting on these new additions, MY FM CEO Harrish Bhatia said, “It is the first time that such a public awareness program with entertainment has been presented by a radio channel. ‘The Mukta Barve Show’ will not only create awareness about the advancement of women in every field but also give them the due credit. ‘Asa Mi Tasa Me’ is a show that is absolutely in line with MY FM ideology that says “don’t get under pressure” and RJ Makrand makes sure that listeners forget all their worries from 6 pm to 7 pm every day. We couldn’t have found any better match than the Marathi superstars, to host the shows.”

Chief programming officer Viplove Gupte said, “Following the plan to consolidate our presence in the real Maharashtra, we got on these celebrities. It was essential that the celebs are not merely actors but are so rooted in the lives of their listeners. Makrand is one of the most honest actors of Marathi films. His work in NaMa foundation (along with Nana Patekar) for the farmers and their families suffering due to lack of rains in large parts of Maharashtra is what drove all of us to Makrand. We are happy that Makrand, the true son of soil agreed to come on board. With his impeccable style and funny delivery, he is able to focus on the most serious issues with so much of ease that for our listeners, he turns out to be a perfect brand ambassador. His chemistry with the RJ on air is something that can only be felt.”

He further added, “Amongst various names which were being considered for the women time band show, we were very clear from day one that we wanted a voice of reason. Various people suggested different names but ever since I had seen Mukta perform in a Marathi movie ‘Jogwa’, I wasn't really considering other names. While we discussed many names, I was very clear that it has to be Mukta because she carries that unique signature of being the thinking man's actress and has always defied conventions. She is an independent professional, has her own voice and purely follows her heart. MY FM's brand philosophy ‘Jiyo Dil Se’ is always looking for such role models to define it for the listeners. Maybe somewhere the battle of her character in ‘Jogwa’ comes out in her on-air persona or I think that’s what she really is - A rebel, a square peg in the round hole.

“We strive to bring in more such celebs on board in future but as of now, these strong pillars of MY FM family are a reason to rejoice.”