| 04 Aug 2021
Red FM's RJ Malishka honoured with Impact's 50 Most Influential Women in Media 2017

MUMBAI: Malishka Mendosa, popularly known as RJ Malishka aka Mumbai Ki Rani, has been named as one of Impact’s 50 Most Influential Women in Media, Marketing and Advertising 2017.

Red FM’s Morning No. 1 show’s RJ Malishka aka ‘Mumbai Ki Rani’ is one of India’s most popular Radio personality, influence, and a youth icon. Her popularity has grown over the years and she is someone who can speak on almost anything with honesty and ease, managing to make her point while simultaneously being entertaining. This proves to us that her forte remains her connection with the common man and she thrives on making lives better with the power of her voice.

Commenting on being one of the Influential Women in the industry, RJ Malishka of Red FM fame said, “I feel honoured to be ranked amongst the top 50 most influential media ladies in the country. Thank you Impact magazine for recognising me with this honour and thank you for the lovely, encouraging people in my life who always tell me to focus on the goal and on what’s right(you know who you are) and not on what others think. My mother has been instrumental in fanning my dreams. There’s a long way to go and this is an important, lovely milestone.”

Congratulating RJ Malishka, Red FM COO Nisha Narayanan said, “Red FM in Mumbai has been home for Malishka for the past 11 years. Without doubt, Mumbai and Malishka have been synonymous; at least as far as mornings are concerned. She is witty, smart and warm and has earned the ‘Mumbai Ki Rani’ moniker, rightfully. She is influential to a fault and contagious with her energy. All of us at Red FM are quite proud of her.”

Shah Rukh Khan congratulated Malishka on her achievement in a testimonial to Impact magazine, “Malishka brought new life into a budding FM industry and became its game-changer. I've heard her unapologetically holding authority’s accountable, irreverently interviewing people and chatting with her listeners for over 10 years now. Her unfailing energy, her flair for the medium and her connect with the common man/listener is remarkable! She is entertaining, warm, witty and full of ideas, on and off radio too. Whether it's TV, or chat shows, theatre or a Cause she has championed, I've seen her take on everything with tremendous passion. She is inspiring and has made a genuine difference in the way FM radio is listened to and loved. Her voice and work impacts and influences millions of people each day and I hope she continues to use it beautifully as always. My favourite part about her, however, is that she is an incorrigible flirt.”

IMPACT’s list ranking 50 Most Influential Women in Media, Marketing and Advertising is an endeavour to acknowledge the achievements of women who give a whole new meaning to the words – power and influence. These women have not just made significant contributions in the media domain and broken through the proverbial glass ceiling, but have also played a crucial role in changing the way the industry is perceived today.