| 17 Jun 2024
Radio City launches its last station in Patna

MUMBAI: Radio City's Phase III station launch reaches its final destination, Patna. Music Broadcast Pvt Ltd's Radio City launched its last station under FM Phase III on 24 March 2017. Chief Minister of Patna, Nitish Kumar was present at the launch.

As reported in Patna Daily, Speaking on the occasion, Kumar said that despite the prolific presence of endless television channels and the emergence of social media in the 21st century, radio always occupied a special place in the people's heart.

"For last several decades, people have received their information and have been entertained by radio and television but in spite of the changing faces of the electronic media, most people still spend their evening listening to the FM radio," he added.

The station is aired on the frequency 91.1. The station will offer its listeners programs like old movie songs and comedy of talents like Babbar Sher.