| 22 Mar 2023
Outreach initiates training program for aspiring RJs

MUMBAI: Radio Phase III has given birth to more radio stations and this has created a huge vacuum in the RJing space. The new stations need RJs but where will one find them?

Keeping such issues into consideration Outreach is all set to start a summer training program for youngsters inclined towards radio and keen on making a career as a Radio Jockey.

Speaking to, the program in charge of Outreach, Subrat Kumar Pati discussed the plan and its motive.

“The radio industry is growing fast and so is the need for trained manpower. But nobody is bothered to take an initiative for the same. We only want to see more and more listenership for radio. This is one of the first programs ever done in Orissa,” said Pati.

Before initiating the program the Outreach team surveyed in various colleges and universities across the state to know if the youngsters were interested in RJing. “The survey response has been vague. There were many who preferred television over the radio. They fail to understand that many radio channels are profit-making, while many television channels are loss-making,” stated Pati.

He further added, “During our survey, we also came across youngsters passionate about radio. Thus, this program is for those who do not know the means of entering the radio industry.”

The program has been initiated with two motives:

1.       An increase in radio listenership across the country.

2.       Creating manpower for the same.

The 15-day program will be a mix of training from professional RJs and radio programming heads. It will also include theoretical exams. The students will also be exposed to real radio stations to gaining practical knowledge. At the end of the summer program, the participant will be given a certificate of participation. Minimum qualification required to join the workshop is +2 i.e class 12.