| 20 Jul 2024
Radio City Lucknow's 'Zalim Rapariya' gets a new tune

MUMBAI: Early this year Radio City Lucknow's early morning show ‘Morning Masala’ introduced a new musical segment 'Zalim Rapariya' -- a segment covering trending topics with light humour. A segment that has become a rage in Lucknow.

Thus, on successful one-year competition of its morning show the station planned to surprise its listeners by offering them a revamped tune of 'Zalim Rapariya'.

Here is the new 'Zalim Rappriya' version –

The new rap has already received 4.3k view on Radio City’s Facebook page.

“The new tune of the rap is completely different. This one is a pure rap that will certainly make the listeners groove to its tune,” said a spokesperson from Radio City, Lucknow team.

The rap is a collaborative effort of Radio City programming team, which includes Ali Zaheer, regional programing head. He conceptualised the idea with sound engineer Anirban. “The rap is a team effort which includes sound engineer Pankaj programing head Prateek and senior creative writer Saiam and of course RJ Shiv contributed and created the wonderful new sound of rap,” revealed the spokesperson.

The city has not just accepted the rap segment, but also the host of ‘Morning Masala’ RJ Shiv with open arms. “He has taken up city issues, celebs and he is also reaching out to common people of Lucknow. RJ Shiv has already built a connect with Radio City listeners in Lucknow and he is try to keep them informed on the knowhow of the city and take their issues live on-air.”

‘Morning Masala’ was launche on 2 November 2015.