| 22 Mar 2023
Red FM's 'The Neelesh Misra Show' will be national, multi-language show

MUMBAI: We at were the first ones to report about RJ Neelesh Misra moving out of Big FM and joining Red FM.

Now, we get you some more details on Neelesh Misra's upcoming show, 'The Neelesh Misra Show' and his exit from Big.

Neelesh Misra quits Big FM, moves to Red FM

Though Misra's exit from Big FM came as a surprise to most, the broadcaster turned storyteller turned RJ has a different story to share, "It's not sudden really. I had a show with Big FM for four years and it ended in August last year and it has been a good relationship."

Post the closure of his Big FM show, the RJ chose not to have his own flagship show on radio, except for some brand-related properties. The RJ states that he had to take up the brand-related properties to run 'Gaon Connection', his rural newspaper.

Taking about 'Yaadon Ka Idiot Box', a show that was really close to his heart Misra avers, "Big FM and I built a new property together in the form of 'Yaadon Ka Idiot Box', which I am very proud of and I am grateful to listeners. Our storytelling reached millions of people in India and overseas. Now it's time to take this journey on a new path and to go to the next level,"

On his association with Red FM he states, "I am delighted that Nisha Narayanan and her team at Red FM share the same excitement that my Mandli and I have about storytelling and pushing the boundaries of storytelling. I am really looking forward to doing 'The Neelesh Misra Show'."

Misra has moved to a new brand and he will be hosting a new show, but the core of his latest offering too will be storytelling. "It is a storytelling show and it shall explore not just our strongholds in terms of themes -- woven around everyday relationships -- but it shall also explore new genres, like suspense and humour. I absolutely love narrating humour stories. Despite seemingly never finding the time to write, I am keen to write for the new show as well apart from my hugely talented colleagues in the Mandli."

The base of the new show will be storytelling, but Misra would like to explore new elements in the future. "I want to make it more interactive and incorporate innovations. But in doing new things I do not want to let go of our core strength -- telling simple stories about the everyday Indian in a changing nation," says the storyteller.

'The Neelesh Misra Show' will air nationally and it will be a muti-language storytelling show. Confirming the same the RJ says,"This show will hopefully be the first foray of our company, Content Project, into multi-language storytelling. We are mentoring and shall manage storytellers in multiple languages and we would love to see them grow into stars."

Talking about his Saavn show 'Qisson Ka Kona', Misra says, "'Qisson Ka Kona' has firmly established its audience in the digital sphere and I am happy that I have been able to explore this new geography with Saavn. We will continue to serve and embellish that show, as well as my other show on Saavn with mythological stories -- Time Machine with Neelesh Misra."

'The Neelesh Misra Show' will air on Red FM from 1 November 2016.