| 17 Jul 2024
FM Tadka revamps Udaipur station; changes to retro

MUMBAI: Rajasthan Patrika's radio station, FM Tadka has undertaken major changes in its Udaipur station.

FM Tadka Udaipur turned into to a retro music FM station on 25 September 2016.

This is probably the radio station's experimental step to give a makeover to the entire FM network. Although the newly updated station will use the same tagline of Tadka (Sounds Good) and logo for some time, soon the alterations will take place, including in the programming.

Till now, the name of the programmes are the same but the content has changed entirely.

Tadka's programming head Praveen Sharma says, "We have been trying our hand at different concepts every now and then. This is a completely new experiment for us."

"We have always remained keen on the music part, especially when it comes to innovation. I remember, we started 'Tadka Rewind' some four to five years ago where we used to play music from the '50s to the '70s. Then we included something, which we call as cassette music. We played music from the '80s till the 2000s. A year ago, we also initiated a programme called 'Firangi Tadka', particularly for English music. So, we have this habit of putting variations in our programming with the help of music," adds Praveen.

The country has been witnessing a rash of retro themed FM stations in mega cities Mumbai and Delhi with Radio Nasha and Redtro, this is the first retro FM station for a small city.

"I had this plan of coming up with a retro station some one to two years ago, but It didn't happen at that time. Finally, we are here with the idea implemented," says Praveen.

The Udaipur station will not only play retro music from the Hindi music industry but English as well.

Currently, FM Tadka works in Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota and Raipur.