| 02 Feb 2023
Big FM Kanpur launches awareness campaign on World Mosquito Day

MUMBAI: Big FM's Kanpur station has launched an initiative against harmful diseases, malaria and dengue, on World Mosquito Day, 20 August.

RJ Sid says, "It's a small activity that we are doing. After monsoon and during monsoon, a lot of water logging happens. The roads turn into garbage dumps and the condition of the city becomes worse. So, during this time the infected mosquitoes bite people and cause malaria."

The radio station is conducting the activity on a larger scale in comparison to last year. The station's representatives will be going on ground, creating awareness through localities. There will be doctors assisting the FM station for the same.

"We have a tie up with a newspaper called I-Next. Together, we will be going and requesting doctors to spread awareness in order to ensure the people are fully aware of malaria and take adequate precautions," adds Sid.

Although it is a 15 days' activity but on ground, it will last for two to three days.

Big FM Kanpur will also take help from the administration and take them along and try cleaning the garbage in the localities to provide the residents of Kanpur a healthy and carefree life.